10 – What approaches to training exist in the voluntary sector?

  • In 2011, more than half (55%) of voluntary organisations had a training plan that specified in advance the level and type of training that employees will need in the coming year (UKCES).
  • Fewer than six in ten (56%) voluntary organisations had a budget for training, a similar share to central government, higher than the private sector (28%) and lower than local government (73%) (UKCES).

Organisations that had a budget for training by sector, 2011


Source: UKCES (Base: All respondents)
  • Over two-thirds (68%) of voluntary organisations formally assessed the performance of employees who had received training, slightly lower than the 73% reported in 2007. This is higher than the private sector (66%) but lower than in local and central government (78% and 77% respectively) (UKCES).

Formal assessment of individual employees who have received training, 2011 (%)


Source: UKCES (Base: All respondents)