11 – What are the main barriers to training in the voluntary sector?

  • Just under one-fifth (18%) provided no training at all. Almost half (49%) of voluntary sector employers who hadn’t funded any training in the last year said the main reason was that all staff were fully proficient in their role (UKCES).
  • Three per cent of employers who had not provided training stated that external courses were too expensive while 17% stated that they no money is available for training (UKCES).

Top ten reasons for voluntary sector employers not funding training courses, 2011 (%)

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Source: UKCES (Base: All voluntary sector respondents who had not trained staff over the past twelve months)
  • More than a quarter (29%) of voluntary sector employers who stated having staff who were not fully proficient attributed it to a failure to train and develop staff. This was a slightly higher proportion than in the private sector (27%) as well as both local and central government (28% and 22%) (UKCES).