09 – What is the nature of recruitment within the voluntary sector?

  • Voluntary sector employers were more likely to report vacancies within their own organisation (11%) than private sector employers (9%) but less likely than employers in central (15%) and local government (17%) (UKCES).
  • Voluntary sector employers were less likely to report vacancies as hard-to-fill (27%) than those within the private sector (36%) but more likely than those within central (21%) and local government (19%). The share of hard to fill vacancies is higher in each of the sectors than it was in 2010 (UKCES).
  • Of the voluntary sector employers with hard-to-fill vacancies, the main two causes of were a low number of applicants with the required skills (25%) and poor terms and conditions (such as pay) offered for a post (25%) (UKCES).
  • Over one-quarter (27%) of hard-to-fill vacancies in the voluntary sector were for personal services staff, with an additional 21% of hard-to-fill vacancies for associate professional staff (UKCES).

Vacancies, hard-to-fill vacancies and skills shortage vacancies by sector, 2011 (%)

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Source: UKCES (Bar: Organisations with vacancies. Base: All respondents)
  • More than six out of ten (61%) voluntary sector employers with hard-to-fill vacancies, reported skills shortage vacancies. This is lower than the private sector (77%) as well as local and central government (68% and 70% respectively) (UKCES).
  • More than six out of every ten (61%) voluntary sector employers who reported skills shortage vacancies identified shortages of job-specific skills, while four in every ten (40%) reported shortages of written communication skills (UKCES).
  • Within those voluntary sector employers who had hard-to-fill vacancies, 84% reported that the main impact of this was an increase in the workload of other staff. More than a third (35%) reported an increase in operating costs (UKCES).

The causes and impacts of hard-to-fill vacancies in the voluntary sector, 2011 (%)


Source: UKCES (Base: All voluntary sector employers who have hard-to-fill vacancies)