07 – What is the state of pay in the voluntary sector?

  • Gross weekly pay in the voluntary sector amounted to an average of £373.65 in 2011, lower than in both the private and public sectors (£457.52 and £477.53 respectively). Median gross weekly pay in the voluntary sector was £356 (LFS).
  • Gross hourly pay within the voluntary sector was £12.02, less than the both the private (£12.60) and public (£14.20) sectors (LFS).
  • Men’s gross hourly pay in the voluntary sector averaged £12.79, compared to £11.67 for women, a difference of £1.12. Women on average were paid 10% less than men (per hour) in the voluntary sector. This is noticeably different from last year, when the difference was £4.01 (LFS).
  • As with last year, the pay gap in the private sector was 35% whereas in the public sector the gap was 19% (LFS).
  • The movement in the voluntary sector’s average earnings has continued to increase over the previous year (2.4%). It is much lower than the retail prices index (5.6%) (LFS).
  • The median earnings for a CEO in 2011 were £90,147 while trainee non-professional staff received £14,363 – a ratio of 6:1.This ratio appears much lower than figures available for the private and public sectors, but it still represents a marked increase on the previous year, when the ratio was 5:1 (XpertHR, 2011).
  • Roughly one in six (17%) voluntary sector workers was a trade union or staff association member. This is higher than in the private sector (12%) but much lower than in the public sector (55%). Of those voluntary sector employees who are not members, 32% of them knew of other people at their workplace who were members of a trade union or staff association (XpertHR, 2011).
  • Of the organisations that have a union presence, 63% recognise Unite and 42% recognise Unison (XpertHR, 2011).

Median voluntary sector total earnings by job role, 2011/12 (£, per annum)


Source: XpertHR