13 – What training opportunities are there in the voluntary sector?

  • Over a third of voluntary organisations (34%) provided both on-the-job and off-the-job training in their organisation (UKCES).

Type of training offered within the voluntary sector, 2011 (%)

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Source: UKCES
  • Over half (59%) of all voluntary sector employers that had provided training over the last year train staff of all grades, however managers are significantly more likely to receive training than other staff: 70% of voluntary organisations stated that they trained managers whilst only 17% trained elementary positions (UKCES).

Roles of staff trained within voluntary organisations in past 12 months, 2011 (%)

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Source: UKCES (Base: All voluntary sector respondents who had offered training over the past twelve months)
  • The number of training days per staff member remained similar to 2007. Half of employers reported that on average they provided less than four days training per trainee per year, and only 5% provide more than 20 days per year (UKCES).
  • Of those voluntary sector employers that had offered training, just under half (48%) had provided training to at least one member of staff to a nationally recognised qualification in the last twelve months, with 25% providing training to this standard for either one or two staff members (UKCES).
  • Nearly two-fifths (37%) of voluntary sector employees had received job related training in the last 3 months. This is again slightly less than the public sector (38%) but much higher than in the private sector (21%) (LFS).